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You believe Dana is the best candidate for the bench in Floyd County Circuit Court, and so do we! Here’s how you can help her get there to fight for Floyd County Families. Your financial contribution will boost her campaign and help spread the word. Thank you for your support.

Putting Floyd County Families First

A true advocate for the best interests of children

Dana has over a decade of legal service with her main concentration in Circuit Court matters. Her entire legal career has been dedicated to family law. She is immersed in the laws related to children and the ones that care for them. Whether preserving a child’s sense of security when their parents are divorcing, or ensuring that a child’s needs are met when CPS is involved, Dana has extensive experience.

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Where to See Dana This Week

Why the right choice is important

Judges, by definition, are impartial, neutral, and nonpartisan. A candidate for judge should be chosen based on their merits and fitness for the office – not on their politics. Judges don’t make policy from the bench. They follow the rule of law. Regardless of your party affiliation, and regardless of your choice of candidate, please consider not voting straight ticket, but instead thoughtfully choosing the best candidate for Judge of Floyd Circuit Court.

Dana's Family